Star Citizen

Aegis Dynamics Redeemer - Final design

Aegis Dynamics Redeemer

First place winner of "The Next Great Starship" contest, held by "Cloud Imperium Games". Done in collaboration with Paul Dalessi and David Simon.
The Aegis Redeemer is availably through the Star citizen pledge store under the following link:

Aegis Redeemer Pledge Store

The following gallery shows some of the concept art that was done by me during the competition. It was a iterative process and some aspects of the concept changed very dynamically over the weeks.

Final Presentation

This is the presentation of the AEGIS Redeemer which we submitted in the final round of TNGS. It was shown during the last episode and helped us to win the public vote / the competition.


PAX Australia

Our ship had its first ingame appearance at 2014's PAX Australia. Exterior and interior are shown in action during the first few minutes of the presentation.